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Brand engagement clinic


Define the basics on which your brand reputation will be built  |  4 hours; $1250 

What is it?

Nobody's going to suggest that you can formulate a brand strategy in four hours. But what we can do in that time is figure out what's clear about your vision and goals, what you're uncertain about, and what you need to do to gather the clarity and certainty that will accelerate your venture toward success.

Expect to leave the session with a short-term action plan. It'll list workable tasks that focus on breaking you through the most pressing obstacles that currently hamper your progress toward widespread, enthusiastic engagement.

Who’s it for?

The only prerequisite for this clinic is ambition. If you're happy with your current progress and how you're tracking over the long term, this clinic has nothing for you. But if you're curious about what you could achieve if you engaged more enthusiastically with your own creative potential, and fully engaged the the people whose enthusiastic support could transform your thing into a huge success, then you're ready to do this.

How do we get started?

Give me a call, or send me an email, and we'll get together to answer your questions, get on the same page regarding your situation, and – all going well – set up a session.

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